Episode 0045: The Latest NHL Trade, Fixing the Red Wings, All Star Captains, Ovechkin Keepin’ On, Evander Kane, NHL Expansion and the Houston Franchise, The Future Salary Cap and 7 Bruins Defensemen

 The Forecheckers discuss the latest trade in the NHL, one that most believe to be a win for both teams, but do we think this is the case?  We transition to the Detroit Red Wings and their current situation.  Could either of the players involved in the trade help here.  Chris and Mike discuss possible solutions to the problem.  From here we delve deep into the pool of All Star Captains.  Who are the usual suspects?  Could some well deserving players get the fat end of the goalie stick?  And is it possible that we could see a goaltender as a captain?  How is it that the Great * just keeps going?  Weren’t the pundits and talking heads predicting that Ovechkin couldn’t possibly keep up this pace and not break down.  Yet here he is, on pace for another stellar season.  We bring other power forwards into the conversation for comparison and discover that Jason Botteril has no idea what to do with Evander Kane.  Except maybe drive the price up.  We include break out sessions for the business side of things such as expansion, relocation and the possibility of Houston being the locale.  We close with some frank discussion of salary cap and the Boston Bruins throwing seven defensemen on the ice.  Dive in to all the action this week and leave us a question or comment!

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