Episode 0046: Dirty Joe Thornton and Others, Rivalries in the NHL, The Sale of Carolina, The Expansion in Seattle, Americans on the Bruins and Add One!

With one of the Forecheckers down due to illness, the podcast got a late start this week, but is as exciting as ever.  We start out with a discussion on the dirtiness (is that a word) of Joe Thornton.  He’s been suspended before, but was his hit on T.J. Oshie dirty?  And what of other “dirty” players in the NHL?  Are there ways of reducing the number of dirty hits and tactics in the NHL?  Hint…don’t eliminate fighting.  We then transition to the sale of the Carolina Hurricanes.  One of the stipulations is that they stay in Carolina, but is that feasible?  We chew the fat on this and other sites where there could be potential expansion.  Seattle appears to be the frontrunner, but are there better options?  Houston, San Antonio, Quebec City?  And with a franchise fee north of 600 million dollars, how can a new franchise make this work.  To lighten the discussion, we finish with the Bruins, with 10 of their 18 skaters being from the United States.  How USA Hockey has improved over the last ten or so years…and finally…ADD ONE!  Come on in, sit down, give us a listen!  Then give us some feedback!  Questions and comments are always answered and appreciated!

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