Episode 0054: John Tavares, Mike Green, Jack Johnson and the Trade Deadline, Tampa Bay and the Deadline, Las Vegas’ Trademark, Mike Fisher, Zdeno Chara and Add One!

Episode 54, also known as Year 2 Week 2, sees the Forecheckers venturing into the recent past with an exciting discussion about the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.  Celebrate with us the players that were not only taken in the first round, but the late picks such as Connor Hellebuyck who are now succeeding.  Could this be the best draft since 2003?  Isn’t it fun to hash out.  We also talk trade deadline and how it would affect the decision of one John Tavares to stay with his current club.  How will Jack Johnson and Mike Green celebrate the deadline?  Are they moving on?  Will Tampa pull off some move to acquire Erik Karlsson? 

Shorter topics include the trademark battle continuing between the Golden Knights and the U.S. Army, Mike Fisher’s return to the Nashville Predators and Zdeno Chara hitting another milestone in his career.  1400 games is nothing to balk at.  Could he reach 1000 with the Bruins?

We close the show with another rousing episode of Add One!  Join us for all the mirth and mayhem, or just listen for the enjoyment.  Drop us a line and let us know which draft is your favorite, or any of the other topics we discuss weekly.  Look forward to hearing from all of you…and go Patriots.

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