Episode 0057: The Boston Bruins 7th Player Award, the New York Rangers, Trade Deadline Winners and Losers, Overpayments and the Ryan McDonagh Deal, The Calgary Flames Stadium Situation and Add One!

Here we are the week after the trade deadline and the winners/losers are starting to surface.  That being said, we begin this week at the local level, with a discussion of the Boston Bruins 7th Player Award, given to the player that exceeds expectations voted on by the fans.  Charlie McAvoy is the likely winner, but should he be?  We also talk about the New York Rangers and the moves made at the deadline, which leads us into a frank conversation about the winners and losers.  Tampa Bay would be an obvious choice, but there are other teams to consider such as Columbus and Winnipeg.  The Forecheckers wax poetic about the new love in the NHL, the Golden Knights and their deal for Tatar.  Did they overpay?  Did other teams overpay (as most do at the deadline)?  Mike and I like to surprise you so we do this week by agreeing with Gary Bettman regarding the state of the Calgary Flames.  All this and Add One is back!!  Listen, comment, send your questions and enjoy!

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