Episode 0086: Top 4 Atlantic and Central Divisions, Twitter Poll Results, Nurse, Reinhart and Morrissey Sign, Melnyk Makes A Movie, Dotchin Waived, The Bruins Moves And Much More!

We are another week closer to the start of the new NHL season, which means another exciting episode of Two Man Forecheck.

In the open we talk about the Vancouver Canucks and how they will fare with the no longer present Sedin Twins.  The future may be bright, but how far out is that future?

The Top 4 discussion doesn’t bring us any surprises.  The Atlantic and Central divisions should stay the same at the top, with positions possibly switching for Nashville and Winnipeg.  The Atlantic is a 3-horse race.

Last week’s Twitter poll brought some interesting results as near 30% believe Shea Theodore will not sign before the beginning of the season.

There are only 3 remaining RFA’s that have not signed.  Nurse, Reinhart, Morrissey and Wood have all inked deals.

Eugene Melnyk, owner of the Ottawa Senators, put out a video at the beginning of the month explaining to fans how the team was going to rebuild.  Is he so far off?  At first thought, yes, but watch and give it more thought.  He seems to have a plan in mind.

We delve into the expansion and Seattle as the biggest possibility.  They only have one more hurdle to leap over for the NHL.

Owen Tippett of the Florida Panthers will be a rookie this upcoming season.  What are his chances of winning the Calder trophy?

Jake Dotchin, defenseman for the Lightning, has been unconditionally waived due to material breach of contract.  Has this move opened a Pandora’s box?  The NHLPA is getting involved so this story is not going away any time soon.

Finally, we talk Boston Bruins.  They have made a few roster moves, but nothing unexpected.  Also, they are 5 million under the cap at the moment.  For what is this money ear-marked?  The Forecheckers discuss.

Another week in the books, another week closer to the season.  Give us a listen and don’t forget to vote in this week’s poll on Twitter. Enjoy the show!

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