Episode 0096: Geoff Ward, Seattle Expansion, The All-Star Game, Bettman and the Next Commissioner, Andrew Hammond, Twitter Poll and Much More!!

Now in December and the season continues to come into focus…we’re kidding…it’s still as muddled as it was a month ago.  The Forecheckers continue to attempt to make heads and tails about what is going on this season, with not much luck, but we press on.

We start out with a discussion regarding Geoff Ward.  The assistant coach for the Calgary Flames has been successful running the power play units for both his current team and his prior one, the New Jersey Devils.  We were wondering when he would be behind the bench in a head coaching capacity.  We talk about potential landing spots and Chris even mentions another Bruins coaching alum, Doug Houda who we also believed at some point would be a head coach.  With the Red Wings, Houda has their penalty killers 3rdin the NHL, his specialty. 

Seattle has finally been approved and Mike still insists on calling it number 32.  We discuss team names and General Manager possibilities along with other things Seattle.  By the way, the Seattle 32 is a better name than Seattle Totems.

We started the next topic last week, but it has been steeping all this time and we finally opened it up. The All-Star Ballot, players that are included and voting are all up for grabs.  Who makes the ballot, why aren’t all players included?  We go over every aspect.  Let us know how you feel about the All-Star Game and voting.  Give us your feedback.

The Twitter Poll related to this topic, and 57% said that the All-Star game wasn’t important to you at all, so that by itself may be the statement.

The Two Man Forecheck not only discusses current events, but we are also forward looking and thinking! In that vein, we discuss the next Commissioner of the NHL.  Bettman has been in the role for 25 years, we take a look at who’s next…and when that might be along with some issues that person may face.

Finally, we briefly take a look at Ty Anderson’s (98.5 The Sports Hub) piece regarding where the Bruins are at. It’s a good read especially for Bruins fans…here’s the link…


Let us know how you feel and how we are doing.  The 100thshow fast approaches so if you have any ideas on how to celebrate send us those suggestions as well, but most importantly…Enjoy the Show!

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